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Teaching Resources

I am Australian: Exploring Australian Citizenship

Download the upper primary school teacher resource manual (1.7MB PDF)
Download the lower secondary school teacher resource manual (1.8MB PDF)

Australian citizenship is the bond that unites all Australians, regardless of whether we were born in Australia or have decided to make Australia our home.

Explore Australian citizenship in the classroom with these curriculum-linked resources for upper primary and lower secondary students.




These resources are complemented by the following online interactive activities suitable for display on interactive whiteboards.

The interactive content below is not fully keyboard accessible.

Play the Citizenship Place game

Learn the citizenship affirmation

Listen to tales of citizenship by different characters


Other teaching resources:

School awards

Reward students who are active and responsible citizens within your local community.

Schools are encouraged to hold a school assembly on Australian Citizenship Day and present school merit awards to students who exemplify good citizenship within the school or local community.

Register your school to receive an Australian Citizenship Day celebration pack. The pack includes resources and information to support your Australian Citizenship Day activities, including an Australian citizenship affirmation kit.

Find out more about how to celebrate Australian Citizenship Day at school.